First Baptist Church in Litomerice

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Confession of Faith of the Czech Baptist Union

  1. The highest authority of our faith and practice is Jesus Christ, present in his church through the Holy Spirit.

  2. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are to us the primary source and norm of God's revelation in Christ.

  3. We are a part of the church of Jesus Christ founded in the past and we have faith in one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  4. We consider personal faith in Jesus Christ and following Him as the foundational expression of a Christian life.

  5. We perform baptism as the visible connection to "the body of Christ"

  6. We believe that all members of Christ's church are invited to the Lord's table.

  7. We believe that every local church has freemdom and responsibility to search and find what is Christ will in their own life and work.

  8. We hold the principle of the "priesthood of all believers", according to which all members of the church are called to serve.

  9. We believe that the fellowship in a local church leads us to create broader fellowships between churches in various locations wherever it is possible.

  10. We believe that every disciple of Christ is called to be the witness of God's reign in Christ. We believe that the mission of the church is to obediently take part in what God perfoms in the world.

  11. We uphold the freedom of conscience and therefore we accept the presence of differences among us.

  12. We advocate for the seperation of the church from the government. This need of seperation is based on Christ's exclusive reign in his church.

  13. As Christians we live in hope of Christ's coming in glory and of the completion of the redemption plan through the transformation of the whole creation.

Note that this is a shortened English version of the text.