First Baptist Church in Litomerice

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About Us

Who we are

We are the church - people, who believe in God as we know Him from the Bible

We are Christians - we believe in Jesus Christ, who God sent, so that we can know the meaning and the goal of our existence.

We are a congregation - a group of people, who decided to be friends of each other and go on the journey of life and faith together based on our common confession.

We are baptists - people who consider freedom of conscience to be one of the most important values.

We are ordinary people - we have our mistakes and weaknesses. We do not pretend perfection but with the help of God we endeavor to live a useful live for others.

We have an extraordinary experience - we got to know that Jesus Christ is living and He wants to be a friend of every human. Our meetings are open for everyone, both believers and non-believers. We want to pass on our extraordinary experience to everyone who is looking for the meaning of their life.


What we believe

We came to know that meeting and getting to know Jesus brings forgiveness, peace and joy into our lives. Life gets in order and becomes meaningful. We welcome everyone who is looking for more than what the material view of the world offers.

We want to help everyone to have a opportunity to know more about Christ in a comprehensible way. Since nobody can be forced to believe, the decision of faith has to be done voluntarily and personally. We refuse all kinds of violence in things of conscience and we advocate for the rigorous separation of the church from the government including the financial independence.

We consider our brothers and sisters all those who believe in God as we know Him from the Bible. Together with other Christians we accept the "Apostles' Creed". Our faith is more described in the Confession of Faith of the Czech Baptist Union.

We believe that every fellowship of Christians and every local congregation is the church in its full meaning. Therefore every congregation is indendent and without a supervising organ. As a part of the government-registered church Czech Baptist Union we are a part of the world baptist movent - European Baptist Federation and World Baptist Alliance.


Where we are going

We see our mission in the transformation of human character and in the change of life from self-centered interests to serving others, so that we we are no more tossed around by the  muddle of the world but that we are truthful toward each other in love heading to the full life.

In the atmosphere of acceptance, where every individual is respected, we can according to our understaning and abilities serve others with our special giftings.


History - From where we are going

The name baptists - the baptised ones - has its origin in a greek word which describes immersion or in other words baptism. Baptists have their roots in the movement of the radical part of the world reformation which started to perform baptism as the confirmation of the confession of faith. That means the adults who confessed faith based on their personal decision were baptised.