First Baptist Church in Litomerice

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Lectures at Schools

We want to take advantage of open doors to Czech middle schools and help young people who stand on the crossroad of their future life. We want to equip them with good and truthful information that will help them to take the right direction.

Martin, who gives these lectures at schools, talks to them about things that they face: relationships, sex, abortion, human values, drugs, bullying, racism etc. Although it is no allowed to directly evangelize at schools, all lectures are based on Christian values. The students get to know that Martin is a Christian, which often leads them to ask questions about his faith. As a reply their questions, Martin can share His testimony and experience with God. One of the topics of Martin's lectures is called Religious Sects and Christianity. This is a unique lecture in which it is possible to explain the Gospel, talk about God and His word, and even to give New Testaments to the students.

We understand the lectures as an amazing first-contact activity which enables us to continue working with this spiritually hungry youth through our ESL ministry and various free-time events that we prepare with our youth group. Our aim is to build relationships in which we can show Christ who dwells in us and share the Gospel with them.

This ministry done by Martin is supported primarily by our church through prayers and financing. However, the Czech branch of the I.N.Network plays a significant role with their support as well and we are very thankful for that.

The roots of this part of our ministry reach into our intensive ESL weeks (Camps), which have enabled us to start providing English multicultural lectures to high schools in cooperation with present mission teams talking about their home country and their personal lives. These lectures have always been very encouraging to us because they give us an opportunity to naturally spread the Gospel through sharing our life stories with students and to invite them to our events. However the realization of such lectures is directly dependent on the presence of a mission team from abroad and we felt that we need to use this opportunity of open doors at high schools more than that. That is one of the reasons why Martin's lectures at schools started.