First Baptist Church in Litomerice

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ESL Ministry

This ministry of our church is based on cooperation with Christian organizations like CBM and on our partnership with churches in English-speaking countries. These organization and churches send missionaries and mission teams and help us to organize weekly ESL classes or intensive ESL weeks during which we teach English every day. The interest of the Czech people in learning the English language is still an opportunity that God can use to bring Christ to the students of these ESL events.

We are convinced that ESL Ministry joins the two important aspects of evangelism - service of love and the truth of the Gospel. Together with the missionaries and mission teams that come here, we serve the students by helping them with their English being motivated by Christ's Love for them. In the relationships that are built through these classes and camps we explain our motivation and introduce the students the loving God.

Intensive ESL weeks in various forms are one of our most popular events. Thanks to God' grace we have been able to serve hundreds students of various ages (mostly below 25) and the vast majority of them started coming regularly after their first experience at an intensive ESL week with us. We strive to organize these ESL weeks at least three times a year but we are unable to achieve this goal without Christians who are English native speakers and have the calling and zeal to serve God and spread the Gospel into the hearts of the Czech people who are often referred to as one of the most atheistic nations in the world.

Alongside these intensive ESL weeks we strive to organize regular ESL classes with a native speaker. These classes help us to sustain the relationships with the students that are established during intensive ESL weeks. The ability to offer ESL classes, that take place regularly every week, is very important because students are at the beginning often interested only in English and they are not attracted by any other events that we invite them to. Even these classes are unrealizable without Christians who are called to serve God in this way.

Please pray about serving God this way. If you feel that God may be leading you or your church in this direction please contact us and we can discuss more details.